Cafe Zurich

Mercatorplein, Amsterdam

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Café Zurich is a hallmark cornerstone of Mercator Square and the surrounding area. You can come to Café Zurich to have a great meal, drink, or work without getting disturbed. The food is continually evolving, resulting in culinary influences from all over the globe. That way, you'll be shocked at every visit, and the Zurich experience stays exclusive. The selection of beer and wine is quite vast and crosses national borders.

Café Zurich details All you need to do is visit this cafe and see it for yourself. If you are adopting a gluten-free diet, you will be delighted that café Zurich will serve gluten-free dishes as well. You can also find vegetarian-friendly dishes at the café, so you no longer have to feel left out. They have a range of dishes available on their menu, with great prices so you can order as much as you like. The café has a specialty that they have unique dishes like drinking your desserts.

There are two choices for a beer table: per keg (20l) or liter. Alcohol per keg is €184,-and it is €9,20 a liter. If you pick the per liter option, the keg is measured before, and after, so you have to pay for what you've drunk. It's all feasible to have a nice drink with your friends, celebrate, or enjoy a tasty meal.

When to visit? If you are in Amsterdam, it's a great idea to visit the famous Café Zurich. It has a casual ambiance, and if you are someone who likes to take a lot of pictures, this is an excellent place for you.

The café Zurich closes at 1 am, however, the kitchen closes at 10 pm. After that you can enjoy the amazing wines and beers at the café.

You can make a booking via their website. If there are any confusions you can call them or email them, they are very responsive.

Address Mercatorplein 2 B, 1057 CB Amsterdam

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