Dam Square

Dam, Amsterdam

Parking (P+R) at Dam Square

Parking (P+R) Dam Square

The National Monument, the Royal Palace and the Nieuwe Kerk: together, this trio gives shape, splendour and meaning to Amsterdam's historic heart, the Dam square. The square is the place to meet, the place where the funfair is every year, where street performers define the sound of Amsterdam, where the 4th of May the King lays flowers and where tourists bump into a guide. In short, Dam square acts as a vibrant place and is of great importance to the city of Amsterdam.

General information parking Dam Square With limited space on the canals, crowded streets and sky-high parking rates, finding a parking spot in Amsterdam easily, quickly and cheap is a major challenge. Dam Square is one of the city's biggest bottlenecks. Navigating towards the Square is difficult due to the crowds, legion of trams and minimal access roads amd the chances of finding a good parking spot on site are also very slim. Where can you find a good parking spot near Dam Square and park cheap and/or for free? Park at an Amsterdam MOBIHUB by MOBIAN, this way you are guaranteed a parking spot at an easily accessible parking location at low cost and enjoy a last-mile alternative. With the best parking spots around Amsterdam, you can park your car and reach Dam Square in the most efficient, quick and inexpensive way possible. So park outside the busy city centre and choose a smart and green last mile to get to Dam Square.

Parking at MOBIHUBS near Dam Square MOBIAN has several MOBIHUBS in Amsterdam where you can park and choose from various mobility solutions for the last mile. Choose MOBIHUB | P+R - A'DAM Toren north of your destination and take your bike towards Dam Square. Do you park at a MOBIHUB and book a bike with it? Then parking is free! Another option is the tram and/or metro. Take public transport from MOBIHUB | P+R - Q-Park Waterlooplein east of Dam Square. With MOBIAN, you book your parking spot and public transport ticket in one transaction. Book your spot and last mile online and easily navigate to the MOBIHUB of your choice. Parking at a MOBIHUB keeps Amsterdam accessible and is the fastest way to get to your destination. That way, you'll have valuable time for your visit to the city. See the map below for the full range of MOBIHUBS and choose which MOBIHUB is best for you.

Parking around Dam Square