Museumplein, Amsterdam

Parking (P+R) at Ice*Amsterdam

Parking (P+R) at Ice*Amsterdam

A true tradition that originated in the late 19th century: a round of ice skating in the middle of Amsterdam's Museumplein. It was quiet for a while during the winters of the 20th century, but since the beginning of the 21st century, the beloved skating track is back. All the Netherlands aged from young to old can once again enjoy a nostalgic round of ice skating and winter fun on Museumplein, right in the centre of Amsterdam.

General information parking IceAmsterdam With limited space on the canals, crowded streets and high parking prices, finding a parking spot easily and quickly in Amsterdam is a big challenge. IceAmsterdam takes place on Museumplein, in the busy centre of Amsterdam. Where to find a good, affordable and the most optimal parking spot? To be able to park nearby, not to be (stuck) in front of an overcrowded car park and to be assured of a parking spot in a suitable car park, MOBIAN offers the solution. With bookable parking spaces at our so-called MOBIHUBS spread across strategically located spots on the outskirts of the city, you can park your car in the most efficient, quick and inexpensive way possible and continue on your way to reach Ice*Amsterdam in a sustainable way and strap on your skates in no time. Park within cycling distance outside the city and opt for a smart last mile to easily reach your destination.

Parking at MOBIHUBS near IceAmsterdam MOBIAN has several MOBIHUBS in Amsterdam where you can park and choose from various last-mile mobility solutions. Choose MOBIHUB | P+R - Q-Park Byzantium OV ticket in one transaction. After parking, hop straight onto the tram and reach IceAmsterdam on Museumplein in just under five minutes. Prefer the freedom of cycling in the city centre? Choose Park & Bike at MOBIHUB | P+R - Rembrandtpark and cycle along the canals towards Museumplein. Do you park at MOBIHUB and rent a MOBIBIKE? Then parking is free! Book your spot and last-mile mobility in advance and easily navigate to the MOBIHUB. Parking on a MOBIHUB keeps Amsterdam accessible and is the fastest way to get to your destination. So you'll have precious time to spare for your visit to the city and in particular, Ice*Amsterdam. See the map below for the full range of MOBIHUBS and choose which MOBIHUB is most convenient for you.

Parking around Ice*Amsterdam