Olympisch Stadion

Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam

Parking (P+R) at Olympisch Stadion

The Olympisch Stadion car park is built after the landmark structure that was re-opened in 2000. The car park is situated in Amsterdam Zuid and can be reached conveniently from the A10 motorway by taking the S108 exit. Follow the direction called ‘Centrum.’ You’ll see the Olympic Stadium to your back.

Turn left at the traffic signals, Laan der Hesperiden. You will be able to reach the parking area. The Parking area has almost 850 car parks and 250 parking spaces designated for Park & Ride.

MOBIAN offers a variety of parking possibilities near the Olympisch stadium which can be reserved online. Check the availability and prices via the MOBIAN booking tool, located on this page.

Park + Ride (P+R) Parking at the Olympisch Stadium also offers Park + Ride. You can park your car at the Olympisch Stadion car park at a cheaper cost and ride to the center of Amsterdam via buses and trains. You can only use the P+R rate by public transport. Also, please remember that if you choose to use a P+R car park, you would need to pick a new separate entry to the Olympisch Stadion car park.

The signage at the front of the parking lot should indicate the access is for P+R. It is one of the most convenient car parks with security. You will be comfortable to park here knowing that you can approach different locations from here in just a walking distance.
Know that if you lose your ticket, you will have to pay a penalty of €40,00. There are many facilities in this parking area at the Olympisch stadion such as you can catch the bus quickly. If you drive an electric car, you can park your car here in this stadium and charge it, so by the time you are back; you will have a fully charged vehicle waiting for you.

For your convenience, you can use the elevator that is installed in this parking area. There are designated car parking spots for disabled people in this parking area. You can easily locate the toilets in the parking lot too. Last but not least, you can exit from the car park any time, any hour and any day.

Tariffs Every 15 minutes: €1,00 One day: €40,00

Park and Bike Amsterdam is a great place to explore. If you are looking forward to exploring the amazing place on the bike, then this one's for you. You can park your car here in this parking and then begin your journey from your bike in no time. You don't have to bring your bike.

Euro Parking You can also park at the Euro parking if you do not get a parking space at the main Olympisch stadion parking. You can park here for the short term. The charges are very reasonable, especially if you have a value card. With a value card you will have to pay: For a value of €100 - 15 %, you pay €85 (including VAT) For a value of €200 - 15 %, you pay €170 (including VAT) For a value of €300 - 15 %, you pay €255 (including VAT) For a value of €400 - 15 %, you pay €340 (including VAT)

Value cards and key cards are accepted at most locations except the auto park.

Parking around Olympisch Stadion