Restaurant Maz Mez

Jan Evertsenstraat, Amsterdam

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How would you feel if you were craving authentic Lebanese food in Amsterdam and found out such a restaurant does exist in Amsterdam? You can trust Maz Mez to satisfy all such cravings with its Lebanese cuisine that is characterized and made by Mediterranean and Arab influences, which makes their food an absolute delight. Their menu is not limited to just this, but it has a variety of other dishes.

If you are someone who likes Greek or Turkish dishes, you are in for a treat. Maz Mez offers dishes similar to those. Their dishes are rich in taste, with a variety of colors that will mesmerize you. They offer a special deluxe menu that we highly recommend. The price range is €25, a person for 16 mezze to share. The mezze consists of hot as well as cold dishes; these are served in two rounds. The restaurant makes it a point to make the food presentation just as delightful as the food. For those customers who prefer to know more about the dishes they are going to eat, the staff provides you with an explanation for their unique and different types of dishes. The mezze quantity is enough for two people.

It is also a vegetarian-friendly restaurant with many healthy food items to serve. Their famous vegetarian dishes include Hummus, mutable, tabouleh, falafel, and lentils, all of which are mouth wateringly delicious.Maz Mez not only has remarkable food but a luscious exclusive wine list with original and great quality wine. Their red wine is very popular among visitors.

Maz Mez has a unique atmosphere; it has a cozy interior yet stands out as an extremely classy restaurant, perfect for birthday dinners or any other celebration that you might want to share with your friends and family. They have a decent price range for the food that they offer, with an average price of €15.

Good customer service is a top priority at Maz Mez; they have an extremely accommodating staff, making sure you feel welcomed. Even if the restaurant is full due to its popularity, they will try to adjust you. However, it is recommended to pre-book if it is a busy day or a holiday.

They are open all week except Mondays, from 18:00 to 22:30.

Location and Contact Info

Address: Restaurant MAZ MEZ Jan Evertsenstraat 17/19 1057 BL Amsterdam

Contact: +31 20 737 1799

Email: [email protected]

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