Aeroporto di Bari-Karol Wojtyla

Viale Enzo Ferrari, Bari

Parking (P+R) at Aeroporto di Bari-Karol Wojtyla

Bari Karol Wojtyla Airport is an airport in the Italian region of Bari. It is about 8 km (5.0 mi) northwest of the city center. It is named after Pope John Paul II, who was born to Karol Wojtyła. The airport is also known as Palese Airport, a neighborhood in the vicinity. In 2015, the airport served 3,958,815 travelers.

MOBIAN offers a variety of parking possibilities near Bari Karol Wojtyla Airport which can be reserved online. Check the availability and prices via the MOBIAN booking tool, located on this page.

Short term parking There are many parking options available at the airport. Read below to find some short term parking options:

P1 There is a set of 9 P1 zones for a maximum of 279 car parking, plus 10 for the disabled. These places are situated alongside the terminal building, just past the Viabilità Esterna sector, with all places within a 2-minute walk. These are more cost-efficient and ideally equipped for short stays of 3 hours or fewer, although there is no time frame for maximum stays. The first 15 minutes at these parking areas are free and best for those who want to drop or pick up passengers.

Tariff 0 to 15 minutes - free 15 minutes to 1 hour - €2.00 1 to 6 hours - €2.00 per hour/part hour 6 to 12 hours - €18.00 12 to 24 hours - €22.00

PM PM is a multi-story parking lot near the terminal building and has just passed most of the P1 areas. It'll take you around a 2-minute walk to get to the terminal. There has been a maximum of 750 spaces accessible with 16 designated for the disabled, and it is ideal for visits of 3 hours or more. PM is also ideal for the short term parking lot, so you can consider it cheaper; however, you might have difficulty locating it.

Tariff 0 to 6 hours - €6.50 6 to 12 hours - €15.00 12 to 24 hours - €18.00

P2 There are 4 P2 zones, all of which are to the right of the terminal, so it takes you between 3 to 4 minutes to walk to the terminal door. There are 558 parking spots with a minimum of 17 parking spaces for those looking for disabled spaces. The car park is designed for a stay of 2 or more hours and is a cheaper option, though not as well placed, as PM.

Tariff 0 to 6 hours - €5.50 6 to 12 hours - €12.00 12 to 24 hours - €14.50 You can pay at one of the two ticket machines installed in the car park, or you can pay online in advance via the official management service.

Long term parking There are many parking options available at the airport. Read below to find some long term parking options:

P3 P3 is a long-term parking facility of 568 spaces, plus 12 for disabled persons. This car park is approximately 700 meters from the terminal and is a decent 8 to 10 minutes' walk away without the option of a shuttle bus. Because it is known as a long-term parking lot, the day rate is better than spending 3 hours at every other parking lot, and if you don't mind a quick walk, it's nicer than P2 and PM.

Tariff €5.00 per day or part day There are ticket machines at P3 where you can pay for the parking space. You can also reserve the spot online.

Disabled parking: Parking is available in all parking lots; however, for more information, you must contact the airport information desk.

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Parking around Aeroporto di Bari-Karol Wojtyla