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Parking (P+R) at Carcassonne Airport

Carcassonne Airport is the airport that covers Carcassonne and the south of Languedoc. The airport is on the western outskirts of the capital, 3 km (2 nautical miles) from the city center. It is also known as the airport of Salvaza, the airport of Carcassonne Salvaza, or the airport of Carcassonne in Pays Cathare. The airport manages scheduled domestic and foreign flights as well as private, non-regular air traffic.

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Carcassonne parking areas You can stop outside the terminal building at Carcassonne Airport for a fast drop or pick up. Both parking lots at Carcassonne are only a few minutes' walk from the airport. You have to pick up a token at the entrance and pay at one of the terminals before you get back to your car. They can be located in the main departures hall next to the Ryanair desk or outside the terminal wall. There are more than 25 spaces open, and if the main car parking is complete, then the overflowed car park P2 is clearly labeled. It's good to look at the main park as you go, and if it seems to be full, go straight to the overflow park. If you park in P2 and then buy a meal at the restaurant, your parking ticket will be validated free of charge. If you are a frequent traveler to Carcassonne airport, you can also subscribe to the car park. This season pass would run you € 175 for three months or € 560 for one year.

P1 and P2 parking You can park in P1 and P2 parking lots for both long term and short term travels. The airport is not a very large establishment; hence these are the only two parking lots that you can use. The two airport parking facilities are called P1 and P2 and are outside the main terminal structure. P1 is positioned immediately in front of the gate, while P2 is situated just past the end of the terminal. All locations are within a few minutes' walks of the airport facility, and no additional travel would be needed to access the check-in location. In all, the airport provides more than 250 parking spots for privately owned cars and is actively working to extend its parking facilities. Travelers can first utilize the P1 parking space if there is room left or transfer to P2 if there is no space left in P1. Both parking spaces have the same fee and may be used for short, medium, or long-term parking. You must Park in parking zones P1 and P2 at your responsibility since the airport takes no liability for any accidents sustained when using the facilities. Officials at the airport help desk will assist with any more parking inquiries.

Parking tariffs: The rates that you must pay for the car parks are as follows: First fifteen minutes: free Fifteen minutes to one hour: €2.80, One to four hours: €5.80, Four to twelve hours: €8.00 Twelve to twenty-four hours: €9.50 Two days: €17.50 Three days: €26.00 Four days: €30.00 Five days: €33.00 Six days: €36.00 Seven or eight days: €39.00 For the ninth to the fifteenth day of parking your car, you will have to pay EUR 39.00 plus EUR 3.20 for every extra day and EUR 70.00 from the sixteenth to the 23rd day. Parking anywhere between twenty-four and thirty-one days would cost €80.00 for any time more than thirty-one days would cost €80.00 plus an extra €2.10 a day.

Drop off zone Although the airport offers the first fifteen minutes of parking for free, which is an adequate amount of time for dropping off the departing passengers, and perhaps for meeting arriving passengers, motorists may use the road past the terminal building for offloading passengers and their baggage. It is the 'drop-off' zone, and travelers should only use it for a few minutes at most. Drivers of the vehicles are recommended to remain behind the wheel, and should not leave their vehicle unattended in this area.

Disabled parking Carcassonne has great facilities for disabled travelers with paved ramps, lifts, telecommunications booths, and adequate bathroom facilities. You can also ask for wheelchairs form the service desk. Moreover, additional support must be sought from Ryanair at a minimum of 48 hours before departure. Designated parking spaces are also accessible as near to the terminal building as possible.

Services Read below to find out:

Car wash: You can avail of a car wash at the airport, so you return to your car waiting for you all clean.

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