Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Rue des Frères Wright, Charleroi

Parking (P+R) at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Brussels-Charleroi Airport is in Gosselies, a part of the city of Charleroi in the Province of Hainaut in Wallonia, Belgium. The international airport is officially called Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

MOBIAN offers a variety of parking possibilities near Brussels-Charleroi Airport which can be reserved online. Check the availability and prices via the MOBIAN booking tool, located on this page.

Short term parking spaces A few options to assist you in selecting parking to park your car at Brussels South Charleroi Airport through your stay abroad are:

Kiss & ride Kiss and ride is a licensed car park having free of cost daily shuttles to the terminal building as it is further away from the terminal center. However, this is why it may be cheaper than the other on-site parkings. This parking space caters to the issue of delays, additional costs, and commute hassles in airport transfer during your trip.

Q-Park PE express PE Express is a drop off parking area at the P2 car park, which is for people who are to drop off somebody. At a 2 minute walk away from the terminal, this parking costs €2 for the first 30 minutes- adequate time for luggage help.

Parking P1 The P1 car park is for those who are willing to be the closest to the departure area. The elevator at this car park will assist you straight to the check-in area and provides multi-level, enclosed parking spaces. With no need to walk with baggage, this parking area is the most convenient one. However, you must book your parking space in advance as this parking lot is suitable for most people and tends to be quite busy and packed. Online booking will assist with preference-based deals following the duration of your stay. If you want to find a parking space easily without time wastage, park at level -1 and +1.

Charges: 1 hour: € 3 24 hours: €24 Three days: €59

Q Parking Lockpark Parking Lockpark is a secured area separated by a grid from P1 Parking, one which is the premium car park at Charleroi Airport and whose elevator offers easy access to the departure section. From level-1, you will be able to follow directions leading to the Parking Lockpark. You must book in advance for a spot in this parking lot. Extra amounts will be charged for parking if you do not arrive and depart at the time of your booking.

Charges: 24 hours: €27 Two days: €54 Three days: €69

Valet parking charleroi airport Apart from the warm welcome from trained workers, valet car parking services at all airports and assist the passengers in getting their cars in lesser time than usual. It makes your ride more comfortable, convenient, and unforgettable. Valet services at Charleroi Airport now, however, are available for short-term parking bookings. It is a recent update.

Long term parking spaces: While you stay abroad, you can park your car safely at any of the various options you choose from at Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Read below to learn more.

Parking P4 This car parking space is most suitable for the holidays. You can easily and quickly reach the airport using a safe pedestrian route. At a 15 minutes walking distance from the terminal, the P4 car park is where you can park your car if you are going for a holiday. Additionally, it is one of the most affordable car parking lots at the airport. There needs to be a pre booking made for you to reserve your place at the P4 car parking.

Charges: One week: €48 13 days: €72 +€ 4 per extra day

Although the rates are the highest, you can reserve a spot at P3 Parking if P4 is full. From this one, it takes 10 minutes to get to the airport via a shuttle bus that operates from 4:00. It is because the parking lot is further away.

Reservation changes No reservation changes may be feasibly made if the car is parked. So be cautious and make sure to update the reservation information up to 5 minutes before the time of reservation if you decide to adjust it.

Ace parking For this parking, you need to make reservations beforehand. As the Ace Parking is private and safe, located 3 km from the airport, you will need to be carried by bus to the airport in 5 minutes.

Charges: One week: €49 Ten days: € 29+€4 per extra day

123 parking 123 Parking, a convenient and private one, is situated 2 km from Brussels South Charleroi Airport. The parking is open 24 hours a day, and there are 7-9 rows on the shuttle bus. They will take you to get to the airport in just 3 minutes, since its only 3 minutes away from the airport terminal.

To have an enclosed parking area for your car, you will have to pay an additional €20 for the above rates. Charges: One week: €32 15 days: € 56+ €3 per extra day

Disabled parking at Charleroi airport You must book the car park for the disabled. There are many parking spaces, and you can refer to the airport information desk for assistance.

Services: Electric car charging; The airport car parks provide the facility for charging your electric car at the car park.

Parking around Brussels South Charleroi Airport