Düsseldorf Racecourse

Rennbahnstraße, Düsseldorf

Parking (P+R) at Düsseldorf Racecourse

Easy access to Düsseldorf Racecourse with Mobihubs

MOBIAN improves destination reachability through its sustainable mobility solution. By reserving a spot on a MOBIHUB in advance, it saves the unnecessary miles by searching for a parking spot and it offers you a guaranteed green last mile. With Mobihubs conveniently located throughout Düsseldorf, reaching the Düsseldorf Racecourse has never been easier. Simply reserve your spot at a Mobihub near your starting point, park your vehicle securely, and hop on a bike to continue your journey. The convenience and affordability of Mobihubs' smart park & bike solution make it an excellent choice for reaching recreational destinations like the Düsseldorf Racecourse.

Discover Düsseldorf Racecourse

Düsseldorf Racecourse is a premier destination for horse racing enthusiasts, offering thrilling races and a vibrant atmosphere. Situated in the heart of Düsseldorf, the racecourse showcases both flat and obstacle racing events, providing entertainment for spectators of all ages. Whether you are an avid fan of horse racing or simply looking for a day of excitement and enjoyment, Düsseldorf Racecourse has something to offer everyone. And with Mobihubs' convenient last mile solution, getting to the racecourse has never been more straightforward.

Alleviating parking pressure at Düsseldorf Racecourse

Parking can often be a challenge at popular recreational venues, and Düsseldorf Racecourse is no exception. The demand for parking spaces during race days can create significant pressure and lead to frustrating experiences for visitors. However, by utilizing Mobihubs' pre-booking system, visitors can guarantee themselves a hassle-free parking spot. This eliminates the stress of searching for a parking space upon arrival and ensures that their trip to Düsseldorf Racecourse starts off on the right foot.

Importance of pre-booking and last mile solutions

To guarantee a safe, fast, and reliable trip to Düsseldorf Racecourse, it is crucial to pre-book your parking spot and consider a last mile solution like bikes, public transport, or e-taxis. Pre-booking your parking ensures that you have a designated spot waiting for you, allowing for a smooth arrival experience. Additionally, pairing your parking reservation with a last mile solution such as Mobihubs' bikes allows you to bypass traffic, minimize carbon emissions, and effortlessly navigate the final leg of your journey. By taking advantage of these convenient options, you can focus on enjoying the excitement and festivities at Düsseldorf Racecourse without worrying about parking or transportation logistics.

Parking around Düsseldorf Racecourse