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Parking (P+R) at Aeroport de Barcelona-el Prat

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona – El Prat Airport, popularly known as Barcelona-El Prat and now branded as El Prat Airport, is an international airport 12 km southwest of the center of Barcelona, in the municipalities of El Prat de Llobregat, Viladecans and Sant Boi, in Catalonia, Spain. It is the second biggest and busiest airport in Spain and the sixth busiest airport in Europe. Barcelona Airport served a reported 52,686,314 million travelers in 2019, up to 5.0 percent from 2018.

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Parking at Barcelona El Prat Airport Barcelona Airport has approximately 20,000 parking places, of which 12,000 are on the T1 car park and 8,600 on the T2 car park. General Parking has 9,300 parking spaces and is easy to access via the terminal. It is one of the official car parks. Surface Parking has 1,600 places and is a few feet away from the terminal linking through a gateway. Long-Term Parking has 995 spaces and is two kilometers away from the T1. The airport shuttle service operates every 5 minutes or so.

Short term parking There are many parking spaces at the airport. Read below to find out about the short term parking spaces.

Passenger Drop-Off Zone There is a drop-off zone at both of the terminals, although that is exclusively for two minutes. You must not leave the car unsupervised as the tow trucks will be there at all times and tow any unattended car. If you want to wait with a commuter until joining the departure lounges, you may need to park in the general parking lot.

T1 Airport Parking All the stations for pay to park are at level 1 of the terminal one building. Relying on which parking lot you're in, you will have to go to the level 1 car park entry where you'll find the payment stop. Once you make the payment, you can park here for the short term.

T2B Airport Parking Opposite to terminal 2B, there is the PB car park. This car park is not closed and on one level. It can house up to 7,600 vehicles.

T2C Airport Parking Opposite Terminal C there is a C Car Park. It is a covered car park with space for 2,300 cars. On the second floor of the car park, there is a walkway leading to Terminal 2C.

The parking tariffs are the following: 30 minutes: €1.73 1 hour: €3.38 2 hours: €6.68 3 hours: €9.68 4 hours: €12.68 One day: €20.95

Long term car parking The long-stay parking lot is € 18.75 for one day without a reservation or € 14.00 for booking in advance. One week costs € 88.45 with no booking but just € 49.00 with a booking. The shuttle bus to the airport operates every 20 minutes from 04:30 to 00:30 from April to September and from 05:30 to 23:30 from October to June. It is accessible outside of these periods on request.

VIP Parking at Barcelona Airport There is a special private parking space located at Barcelona Airport-VIP Parking. The business has a small car parking situated just outside every airport terminal. The parking lots have private security 24 hours a day. To access this facility, it is important to register in advance because there are small spaces available. After you have bought your ticket online, you will leave your car in the specified VIP section on either T1 or T2 and turn over your keys to the driver who will park your car for you. Your vehicle will be waiting for you to get ready in the same spot you dropped it off. This service is excellent if you are looking to save some time or if you don't want the hassle of getting your parking space or catching a shuttle bus to a parking lot.

Parking for people with a disability For details on parking for disabled people at Barcelona Airport, you can call the customer services for disabled people at Barcelona Airport. Barcelona Airport Parking may be a comfortable choice both in the long term and in the short term. If you have some questions, go to the parking info point where they will be able to assist you with your question.

Services: There are many services available at the Barcelona El Prat Airport. Such as: Electric car charging Parking for disabled Car wash Car refueling Valet

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