Milan Malpensa Airport is the main international airport in the metropolitan city of Milan in northern Italy. It serves 15 million people in Lombardy, Piedmont, and Liguria, as well as many residing in the Swiss canton of Tessin. The airport has Terminal 1 and Facility 2, and two runways and a designated freight facility.

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Short stay parking at Malpensa terminal 1 There are 640 car parking spots on the entry-level of Terminal 1. Each parking spot can be reserved for 3 hours. Parking meters are accessible at the entrance to the city, as payment for parking is done in advance.

Multilevel P1 parking area It is the nearest parking place to Malpensa Airport Terminal 1. Elevators connect straight to the terminal center. There are 3,300 parking spaces accessible, and all of them are covered. The Multilevel P1 region has a security patrol operation, 24 hours a day. Ladies should park in specially designated parking spaces situated in the 1B North area; it is the parking lot with enclosed pedestrian walkways.

This parking center also has valet parking facilities. Cars will be sent to the short-stay parking area at the entrance door 11 in the Departures section. The set of automobiles should also come from this region. An employee can park your car in a secure parking area for you.

Long-term parking P2 facilities at terminal 1 Malpensa: This parking area is also near Terminal 1 and has 2,900 outdoor parking lots open. It is more inexpensive than Multilevel Parking, particularly for longer parking times. Payments may be made by cash or credit card through the electronic payment system at the payment desk in the parking section. The desk is available from 07:00 until 23:00. Car valet services are available in the Long-Term P2 Parking district. A car wash is accessible upon request.

Malpensa terminal 2: Indoor/outdoor parking There are 3,000 spaces reserved in this car park at Terminal 2. 2,000 of them are outside, and 1,000 are indoors. A free shuttle bus sits in front of the payment desk for travel to Terminal 1. The payment counter for this car park is available 24 hours a day. Leave your vehicle with one of the workers for valet parking. Your vehicle would be in a protected zone for the period of your absence.

Malpensa car transfer service This facility is accessible in the long-term P2 parking section, the Outdoor P3 Parking section, and the Indoor / Outdoor Parking area of Terminal 2. Your car will be moved from the departure airport to the airport parking area where you will arrive.

Disabled parking for passengers There are 67 restricted parking spaces in the Multilevel P1 Parking Zone in the Terminal 1, 28 in the Long-Term P2 Parking Area, and 35 in the Enclosed P3 Parking Area. There are 56 spaces reserved in the Indoor / Outdoor Parking area at Terminal 2. There are disabled parking spaces accessible at both terminals of short-stay parking zones. Disabled parking spaces are available free of charge in all terminal parking areas.

Services There are many services at the airport. Such as: Car wash Car transfer Valet parking