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Parking (P+R) at Munich Airport

Munich Airport is an International Airport, in the capital of Bavaria. It is one of the busiest airports in Germany in terms of air traffic after Frankfurt Airport and the eighth busiest airport in Europe to accommodate 47.9 million passengers.

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Parking at Munich Airport There are various parking choices at Munich Airport. It has convenient places close to the terminals, budget parking, or short-term spaces to drop off or pick up travelers.

Short Term Parking Area
Find below the short term parking spaces at the Munich Airport.

P1, P2, P3, and P4 Parking Munich Airport,Parking Munich Airport P1, P2, P3, and P4 are located right in front of Terminal 1. The parking garages are underground and perfect for short term parking, especially if you want to stay for seven days or less. P9 short term parking garage is in the Zentralbereich / Z central location. All the parking lots are close to terminal 1 and terminal 2. You can park your car in P1-P3, P5, P7-P8, P20, P26, P35 Parking for 5 euro per hour.

P20 Premium Parking Munich Airport The P20 parking garage provides exclusive features for your comfort and safety. Special parking lots are accessible on level 06. Vehicles parking in this specific area is secured 24 hours a day. Moreover, if you park your car here, you can avail additional services like: Interior cleaning Refueling Transfer to a garage of your choice Valet parking Car wash Charging station for electric vehicles

You can park your car here for €19 for a full day.

Parking to Pick Up or Drop Off Passengers The curbside areas outside the terminals are suitable for easy pick-up or drop-off. In the boundary areas outside Terminal 1 and 2 departures (Kiss & Fly) and arrivals (Kiss & Ride) zones, fast transfers are free of charge (departures: 5 min./arrivals: 10 min.). If you exceed such periods, you will have to pay the corresponding parking period fees. For longer periods, parking areas close to terminals (P1, P3, P7, P8, P20, and P26) are suggested. You can book the Parking facilities at the airport for 22 days online.

Long Term Parking Munich Airport Find below the long term parking spaces at the Munich Airport:

Parking Areas P41 North/South and P80 East/West The parking area allows for cheap Parking at the airport. It offers free shuttle bus and commuter trains that are inclusive in the parking tickets. You can reach the terminal in only a few minutes if you park in this area.

From 00:36 to 3:56, there are no shuttles available for transfer from the car park. P41 North / South and the terminals have wide parking spaces appropriate for cars with a height of more than 2 meters. You can park your car here for 39 euros per week.

P81 Parking Munich Airport Parking at the airport allows you the best price with many benefits. A quick suburban train transfer will take you straight to the terminals in just a few moments. There is a sheltered crossover that leads you to the suburban platform. You can park your car here for €19 per day.

P51 Parking Munich Airport You can park your car at the airport at a very reasonable price. The parking area is only a few minutes away from the terminal. You can avail free transfer with the suburban train line S1/S8 that can carry you straight to the terminals. Also, You can book your parking spaces online. Reserve your parking spot online now and save by booking in advance. 12 Euros per day are the charges if you park your car here.

Munich Airport Disabled Facilities Disabled parking spaces for eligible people are in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 parking zones. They have convenient access to airport terminals because the spaces are near the lifts or on the same floor as the terminals. In Terminal 1, disabled parking lots are situated on Level 03 and in the P20 parking section of Terminal 2, on Level 03 and Level 05.

Parking costs are lowered by 50% for passengers with special identity codes ' AG,'' H', or' BI.' Passengers can call an airport intercom network member of staff to pay to park points to receive discounted parking fees.

Electric Charging Parking Munich Airport Spaces with a free electricity supply are accessible for electric vehicles. Only connect your car and head for the check-in desk. When you get back, you will have a charged car. Charging stations are accessible in P20 (Level 05, Departure Level) and P3 (Level 03).

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