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Parking (P+R) at London Gatwick airport

Gatwick Airport is an international airport near Crawley southeast England, 29.5 miles (47.5 km) south of Central London. It is the second closest airport to the overall passenger numbers in the United Kingdom, behind Heathrow Airport. Gatwick is the ninth busiest airport in Europe and occupies a total of 674 hectares (1,670 acres). Gatwick began as an airbase in the late 1920s. It has been used for passenger flights since 1933. It serves as a single runway airport using a primary runway with a length of 3,316 m (10,879 ft). A supplementary runway is accessible; however, owing to its similarity to the primary runway, it can only be used if it is not in operation. In 2018, 46.1 million travelers went through the airport, a rise of 1.1 percent relative to 2017.

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Short term parking Gatwick Airport's Short Stay is a perfect choice for those searching for comfort while operating from either the North or South terminals. With the terminals only a 5-minute walk away, quick stay is ideal for families with children or those with heavy luggage. Only pull yourself up to the barrier and wait for the number plate of your car to be checked. If this has been checked, you can take your ticket and drive straight through to park in the lot. If the ticket is not scannable, click the button at the entrance. Short Stay Parking at the North Terminal is in Car Park 5. The South Terminal is in Car Parks 1, 2, and 3.

Long term parking Peak tourist season travelers or anyone who departs for a long period will profit from the long-term parking lots with an outstanding value for money and convenience. Once you've parked, go to a bus stop before getting on the free shuttle bus that will take you immediately to the terminal. It normally takes from 5–10 minutes to get to the South Terminal and 7–12 minutes to get to the North Terminal, and you can head directly to check-in. Please keep in mind that shuttles can be busier than normal during peak holidays. Once you get up, get on one of the regular shuttle busses to the long-term car park. The shuttle busses operate every day and night, which is great if you're on a late-night trip. All of the official long Stay car parks are well equipped, safely fenced, and routinely patrolled by Gatwick security officers. They also enjoy the certification of ParkMark Safer Parking, and you realize that you're parking your vehicle in secure hands.

Disabled parking Blue Badge Bays are offered in Gatwick’s Long and Short Stay car parks at both the North and South Terminals. For simple, fair access to the arrivals area, Blue Badge owners can also reap the benefits of discount prices on Premium Parking when parking for less than four hours.

Services: You can avail of many services at the airport such as valet parking, electric car charging, and car wash.

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