Allgäu Memmingen Airport

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Parking (P+R) at Allgäu Memmingen Airport

Memmingen Airport is an international airport in Memmingerberg, Bavaria, Germany. The Airport is located around 3.8km from the city center and is at a distance of 110km from Munich, the capital. Due to the low costs of the Memmingen Airport, travelers often use it as an alternative to the Munich Airport.

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Short Term Parking Allgäu Memmingen Airport Memmingen Airport has many parking options. Find the short term parking lots below:

P1 Kiss & Fly Parking Allgäu Memmingen Airport: You can avail of the short-term parking at P1 at the Airport, which is within proximity of the terminals. It helps reduce time and unnecessary transfers. The parking is free of charge for 10 minutes to allow passengers to load and unload their baggage, due to which it's also known as the "Kiss & Fly" parking zone. After the time limit ends, the P1 parking charges 3€ for 30 minutes and increases up to 5€ for 60 minutes. The Airport also allows parking in P1 for up to 15 days. However, it is the most expensive option for long term parking.

The parking zone is reachable via the P1 driveway. Due to heavy passenger traffic at the airport, the airport management has established online booking for parking from 365 days up to 6 hours before commuter arrival at the Airport. Pre-booking at the Airport has been highly encouraged by the management through early bird offers and discounts.

Long Term Parking Allgäu Memmingen Airport You can park your car for long-term parking at the P1 parking zone, which is directly in front of the terminal. The Memmingen Airport has assigned three separate parking lots for long term parking as well. These long-term parking zones are at a walking distance of 4-6 minutes, from the terminal. Find the parking lots below:

P2 Parking Allgäu Memmingen Airport: The P2 Parking zone is a 4-minute walk from the airport terminal. It charges €28 for one day and increases each day. Long term parking at the zone can be done until up to 15 days. The Airport also offers valet services for extra charges. You can hand over your car to the airport staff member on the day of departure and go straight to check-in. The staff will park your car.

On the day of your arrival, you will be greeted by the airport parking staff in your car at the terminal. To ensure maximum security, you can keep your car keys at the airport car park safe. Much like the other parking zones, it does not have a closed enclosure. However, strict security control is observed through CCTVs. You can book your parking space online as well.

P3 Parking Allgäu Memmingen Airport: The P3 Parking zone is furthest from the terminal. It is a 6-minute walk from the main airport building. Due to a lack of shuttle services, you have to walk from the P3 long term parking lot to the airport terminal. The car park offers the cheapest rates, starting from €26 a day. The budget-friendly rates allow passengers to reserve their spots at the parking zone for a more extended period. Similar to the other car parks, it is also open parking with strict security control.

P4 Parking Allgäu Memmingen Airport:
The P4 Parking zone is the most expensive parking lot, starting from €29 a day. It is a 5-minute walk from the terminal and is easily accessible through the airport driveway. The parking structure is similar to that of the other long-term parking zones.

Parking Allgäu Memmingen Airport for Disabled: The Airport does not provide a separate parking zone for those with disabilities. However, it offers designated and labeled parking spaces on each of its parking zones for disabled travelers.

Parking Allgäu Memmingen Airport Services Find the available services below:

Charging Stations for Electric Cars: The Memmingen Airport is introducing charging stations for electric cars soon to provide convenience to travelers with electric cars.

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