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Route de l'Aéroport, Le Grand-Saconnex

Parking (P+R) at Genève Aéroport

Geneva Airport, previously and informally identified as Cointrin Airport, is Geneva International Airport, Switzerland's second-largest region. It is 4 km (2.5 mi) northwest of the town center. It reached the 15 million traveler level for the first time in December 2014. The airport is a base for Swiss International Air Lines and EasyJet Switzerland. It includes a network of flights, especially to European metropolitan and leisure destinations and several long-haul routes to North America, China, and the Middle East, including Swiss International Air Lines' only long-haul service (to New York–JFK) outside Zurich. The airport is within Swiss borders, but its northern frontier passes along the Swiss-French border, and one can reach it from both nations. Airplane operations are also available from both countries that make Geneva a European Union freight hub even though Switzerland is not a part of the Union. The airport is located partly in the city government of Meyrin and partly in the city government of Le Grand-Saconnex.

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Short term parking There are many parking options at the airport. Read below to find out more about short term parking areas at the airport:

Car park p3 For pick-up and drop-off of travelers only, it is easy to stop momentarily at the P3 car park at the departure point. Vehicles have to get an entrance pass, which is good for 10 minutes free parking. It is possible to check the number of parking spaces on the official airport page, where each Geneva Airport parking facility is listed individually, indicating how many car parks are left out of the total available parking spaces.

Car park P2 In the P2 arrival parking lot, travelers can consider an extra 175 places for short-term car parks at Geneva Airport. The maximum period allocated for parks is just one hour in this open-air car park with convenient access to the arrivals area at the main terminal. One hour fee is CHF 3.00; ten minutes are free, twenty minutes and thirty minutes are charged at CHF 2.00.

Car park P3 The short-stay parking space at Geneva Airport at the P3 departure area has immediate access to the departure point at the main terminal but offers only 90 parking spaces. The first ten minutes of cars parked are free, after which charges are CHF 1.00 for 20 minutes and CHF 2.00 for 30 minutes, which is the absolute maximum duration of parking at this parking lot.

Long term parking There are many parking options at the airport. Read below to find out more about long term parking areas at the airport:

Car park P1 The long-term parking lot at P1 is a sheltered parking lot with easy entry to the central terminal, providing 2400 parking spaces. One-hour parking costs CHF 2.00; one-day costs CHF 32.00, and one whole week parking cost CHF 170.00. The P1 often provides greater access to the main terminal, but it has a maximum of only 230 parking spaces for drivers. It costs CHF 52.00 for a full day of parking, CHF 130.00 for four days, CHF 190.00 for one week, and CHF 330.00 for two weeks of parking.

Car park P20 In the French car park area, there is another long-term car park at the P20, which has a total of 215 spaces and is a protected car park. One hour parking fees are CHF 2.00, one day CHF 32.00, and one week CHF 170.00 at this parking space. The airport train station CFF also provides 350 long-term parking spaces in partly covered car parks P31, P32 and P33, where one week of parking costs CHF 170.00, one-day costs CHF 32.00- and four-hours costs CHF 8.00.

Car Park P51 At the P51 long-term parking lot, a week's parking will cost just CHF 93.00, and a full day rate is CHF 27.00. The partly enclosed car park provides a minimum of 1,300 car parking for commuters.

Disabled parking: Those with disabilities can park at the P1 car parking area. There is also some limited car parking for people with disabilities at P2, P3, P20, P31, and P51.

Services: There are many services available at the airport, such as: Car wash Electric car charging Valet parking

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