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Parking (P+R) at Aeroporto Porto

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is also known as Porto Airport (previously Pedras Rubras Airport) and is close to Porto, Portugal. It is 11 km (6.8 mi) northwest of the Clérigos Tower in the center of Porto, in the municipalities of Maia, Matosinhos and Vila do Conde, and is run by ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal. The airport is probably the second busiest airport in the country, premised on the aviation industry, and the second busiest airport in the country, based on the traffic stats for Aeroportos de Portugal, Lisbon Airport, and Faro Airport. The airport is a hub for EasyJet, Ryanair, TAP Air Portugal, and its subsidiary, TAP Express. Porto Airport has five official parking spaces, which are open 24 hours a day and have more than 2,000 spaces.

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The official five-car parks are: P0: Executive – Enclosed and only 2 minutes away P1: Classic – It is not covered and its 3 minutes away P4: Low-Cost Plus – it has both covered and uncovered parking area, and its 5 minutes away P6: Low Cost – Its 5 minutes away from the terminal and has both covered and uncovered parking lots P9: Low Cost – It is uncovered and only 7 minutes away from the terminal

Passenger drop off parking If you leave a traveler at the terminal, the first 10 minutes are free of cost. After that, prices can become high. The first extra five minutes would cost €1.00 (a cumulative stay of 15 minutes), and the subsequent additional 5 minutes would cost €2.00. In the first hours, the price is €6.00 for every 15 minutes.

Tariffs 0 to 10 mins: €0.00 10 to 15 mins: €1.00 15 to 20 mins: €3.00 20 to 25 mins: €5.00 25 to 30 mins: €7.00 30 to 35 mins: €9.00 35 to 40 mins: €11.00 40 to 45 mins: €13.00 45 to 50 mins: €15.00 50 to 55 mins: €17.00 55 to 60 mins: €19.00. It is suggested that you park in a short-term car park if you intend to stay for more than 15 minutes.

Short Term Parking While you can stop in either parking lot, P0 and P1 are the most convenient, because they are right in front of the terminal. If you don't mind walking a little, P4, P6, and P9 can give great value for time. The current rates you charged for short-stay parking are as follows: P0: Executive - €0.85 every 15 minutes. P1: Classic - €0.60 every 15 minutes. P4: Low-Cost Plus - €0.55 every 15 minutes. P6: Low Cost - €0.45 every 15 minutes. P9: Low Cost - €0.45 every 15 minutes.

Long term parking P4, P6, and P9 are best suited for long-term car parks, but rates for all long-term parking lots areas continue to follow: P0: Executive - €16.00 per day. P1: Classic - €9.00 per day. P4: Low-Cost Plus - €7.00 per day. P6: Low Cost - €5.50 per day. P9: Low Cost - €5.50 per day. Please note that part days would cost at an hourly rate up to a cumulative fee of the whole day cost.

Disabled parking Solely devoted parking spots for the disables are in all parking areas. The multi-story parking lot has dedicated spaces between the entry and the elevators. Shuttle busses from long-term car parks are wheelchair accessible.

Services: There are some services available at the airport. Read below to find: Valet parking Car wash

Parking around Aeroporto Porto