Naples International Airport

Viale Fulco Ruffo di Calabria, Napoli

Parking (P+R) at Naples International Airport

Naples International Airport is the regional airport covering Naples and Campania in Southern Italy. As per statistics from 2019, the airport is the fifth busiest airport in Italy and the first in Southern Italy. The airport is the hub for EasyJet, Ryanair, and Volotea. The airport is formally called Aeroporto di Napoli-Capodichino Ugo Niutta, after the WWI pilot Ugo Nitta. Naples Airport has two terminal buildings, providing separate entry and departure services for travelers. Passengers flying to the airport can also find sufficient parking services.

The two-terminal structures at Naples Airport are Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 is the primary and wider of the two, with the plurality of flights entering and leaving, charter flights, and travel agencies mainly use Terminal 2. Parking services at Naples Airport are all within walking distance of the main terminal buildings, and there are 1650 spaces reserved for passenger vehicles, as well as 107 spaces explicitly designated for the usage of motorbikes. This parking space is split into nine separate parking areas.

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Short term Short-term parking facilities are near the main gateway to the airport, and you can conveniently access them. The primary gate to the airport is the long-term parking area. The short-term parking spaces at Naples Airport are P2, P3, P4, and P6. P2 provides parking spaces for 124 cars, P3 has 325 spaces open, P4 has 75 parking spaces, and P6 offers 125 spaces for automobiles. The P3 is an underground parking area, and the P6 is named the Express Fare park zone. There is also a maximum of 258 parking in the P7 and P8 districts, which are intermediate-term parking lots.

Long term You can find Long-term parking at P1, with 723 spaces provided. This place is close to the entrance to the terminal center. While most passengers consider the parking free at Naples Airport, car parks are automated, and parking is at the expense of the vehicle owner. GESAC, the airport operations firm, shall not be responsible for any stealing of equipment, stealing of vehicle content and harm to automobile components or accessories, actual losses incurred by third parties, any indirect losses, and all substantive damages.

Car valet Car valet facilities are accessible at Naples Airport, and this is a perfect choice for anyone who has no time left or would like an airport staff member to take charge of parking their cars. The valet parking operation is run just outside the Arrivals area, and the parking area used by such vehicles is P5. Car valet facilities at the airport provide; car park booking, car parking and custody drop-offs, luggage loading assistance, car wash, tire replacement, and 24-hour vehicle monitoring.

Disabled parking A significant number of dedicated parking spaces are accessible at Naples Airport for elderly users. There is a minimum of 34 parking spaces in a couple of parking areas. There are twenty parking in P1, three parking in P2, two parking in P4, three parking in P6, five parking in P7, and one parking in P8. Many of these parking spaces are situated for convenient access to the airport terminal. Ramps and large pavements promote the travel of travelers who use wheelchairs, and two call options outside the airport entrance from which travelers can request for assistance. There are disabled bathroom services and elevators on the first level of the terminal. Additional assistance may be coordinated through the airline at least 48 hours before your departure flight.

Services: You can find multiple services in the car park. Read below to find out: Car wash Car valet Car maintenance

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