Hannover Airport

Flughafenstraße, Region Hannover

Parking (P+R) at Hannover Airport

Hannover Airport is the international airport of Hanover, the capital of the German state of Lower Saxony. It's the 9th largest airport in Germany, Langenhagen, 11 km (6.8 mi) north of Hannover. The airport has trips to Eu regional and leisure locations and acts as a hub for Eurowings, Condor, SunExpress Deutschland, and TUI.

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Short Term Parking Hannover Airport Kiss & Fly Zones – P1 and P3 The Kiss & Fly Zones permit you to park your car free of charge in exclusive parking areas for up to 3 minutes to drop off or pick up passengers. Additionally, you could use parking lots P11 through P33, situated in the area of terminal buildings. The first 30 minutes will be free of charge.

Short-term Parking Hannover Airport: Parking Lot 1-7 You can park in the parking lot 1-7 for up to 60 minutes for 4 EUR. You can avail of this offer in all the parking lots right in front of Terminals A, B & C. For your convenience, you can Pay at pay machines or EasyPark and pay by phone, which you can find at any short-term parking lots.

Up to 6 Hours in Parking Hannover Airport: P1 to P6 Parking garages P1 through P3 can be found right along Terminals A, B & C. Parking garages P4 and P6 are situated next to Terminal D. They're located next to Terminals A and B. Official parking has 160 parking spaces. It will cost four euros per hour.

Long term Parking Hannover Airport P7 (SPAR-PLUS) Parking Hannover Airport The P7 parking area, also known as the Spar Plus is near Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C. It will only take you 15 minutes to walk to the airport from this parking lot. The fares are mentioned below for the long term parking in the P7 parking area. The parking area is covered to keep your cars safe. A stay of 1 hour costs €4 and one day is €22. Every day on top of that will increase the price.

P10 (SPAR-PLUS) Parking Hannover Airport The P10 long term parking area is one of the most exclusive and affordable parking areas. You will have to park your car here for a minimum of 1 week. The parking area is near the terminal A, B, and C. You can transfer from this parking area to the airport via the shuttle; the shuttles run every 15 mins to help you transfer from the P10 exclusive parking area to the airport. The parking area is covered to keep your cars safe.

The fares for the long term parking in P10 exclusive parking area are mentioned below. One week: 39 euro Two weeks: 49euro Three weeks: 49 euro

Disabled Parking Spaces Hannover Airport Entry to the terminal is clear of obstacles. There are areas to pick up and drop off travelers in front of the entries. You can park there for this reason. Please place your impairment certificate (' G ' or ' AG ') visible within your vehicle.

The height restrictions range between 2 and 2.10 meters. For vehicles beyond these restrictions, please use the P10 parking area. If you need help to get to the terminal building, please contact the employees of the Airport Service Center. With your impairment card, you can park for free in the first 24 hours. Please submit your impairment card to the workers at the Airport Service Center situated at Terminal B Arrivals point.

Services Electric Car Charging: Charging is free, but there’s an "Exclusive Parking" tariff. One-hour EUR 8 Two hours EUR 11 Three hours EUR 14 Six hours EUR 17

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