De Broodfabriek

Volmerlaan, Rijswijk

Parking (P+R) at De Broodfabriek

About De Broodfabriek

De Broodfabriek is an event center located in Rijswijk, Netherlands. It is a versatile venue that hosts a variety of events including trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions, and concerts. With its spacious halls and modern facilities, De Broodfabriek attracts both national and international visitors. The venue offers ample space for exhibitors and attendees to network, showcase products, and enjoy memorable experiences.

The Challenges of Parking at De Broodfabriek

One of the main challenges visitors face when attending events at De Broodfabriek is finding parking space. Due to the popularity of the venue and the limited number of parking spots available, parking can be a frustrating experience. Visitors often have to spend valuable time circling the area in search of a parking space, which can lead to delays and stress. Additionally, the high demand for parking can result in parking lots filling up quickly, leaving visitors with no option but to find alternative parking locations farther away.

Easy Access to De Broodfabriek with Mobihubs' Smart Park & Bike Solution

To alleviate the parking challenges at De Broodfabriek, Mobian offers an affordable and fast smart park & bike solution through their Mobihubs in Rijswijk. Mobihubs are conveniently located parking facilities equipped with bicycles for visitors to use as a last-mile transportation solution. By parking at a Mobihub, visitors can easily reach De Broodfabriek without worrying about finding a parking space near the venue. The well-maintained bicycles provided by Mobihubs ensure a quick and enjoyable ride from the parking facility to De Broodfabriek.

Importance of Pre-Booking Parking and Last Mile Solutions

To guarantee a safe, fast, and hassle-free trip to De Broodfabriek, it is essential to pre-book the parking and last mile solution offered by Mobian. By pre-booking, visitors can secure their parking spot at a Mobihub in Rijswijk and avoid the stress of searching for parking on the day of the event. Additionally, pre-booking allows visitors to select their preferred last-mile transportation option, whether it be a bicycle, public transport, or e-taxi. This ensures that visitors have a convenient way to reach De Broodfabriek, saving both time and energy.

Parking around De Broodfabriek