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Parking (P+R) at Rotterdam

Parking (P+R) at Rotterdam

The Erasmusbrug, Kunsthal and De Kuip: some of the most prestigious highlights of Rotterdam. A modern city with lots of architectural masterpieces like the famous cubehouses, the Market Hall and skyscrapers which give the city her nickname ‘Manhattan aan de Maas’ (river Meuse). But also the harbor of Rotterdam is an important highlight of the city: for decades this harbor is the biggest in Europe. Rotterdam is an innovative city and with her creative mind a pioneer in various fields, from architectural work of arts to urban initiatives. From vibrant city centre to impressive developments such as the Tweede Maasvlakte.

General information parking Rotterdam If you want to visit Rotterdam, go for it! It will definitely be worth it. But the city is popular and it shows: it’s a crowded city centre so (parking)space is limited. Car-traffic is a sore point: it’s overly present so it limits the public space and puts pressure on the environment. To increase traffic safety and keep Rotterdam clean, healthy and reachable multiple initiatives started. Parking fees increased big time and the Rotterdamse Fietsalliantie was founded to stimulate and promote Rotterdam as a true bike city.

Parking at MOBIHUBS Rotterdam MOBIAN contributes te create a safe, sustainable and reachable Rotterdam. Our MOBIHUBS provide visitors, residents and commuters to park cheap and easy outside the city centre en reach downtown in a sustainable, quick and safe way. This way you avoid the crowd, the immensely high parking fees and polluting search kilometers by finding a parking spot: Park&Ride Rotterdam with MOBIAN. Park your car outside the city centre and enjoy and experience the city by bike or public transport. Discover all the beautiful places and masterpieces. If you choose our Park&Bike-option, you even park your car for free and only pay for bike-rental.

Look for our MOBIHUBS on the right side of this page and check availability and prices via the MOBIAN booking tool.

From HUB to city centre Navigate your way to one of our HUBS and park you car quick, safe and easy. The barrier of the parking facility will open by license plate recognition or is easy open manually in our MOBIAN-app. You can also lock and unlock our bikes using the app or you will find your purchased public transport ticket in the app. Enjoy your trip!

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