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Parking (P+R) at Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam, The Hague Airport, was previously known as Vliegveld Zestienhoven. It is in the Netherlands and is the third busiest airport in the Netherlands. Its location is 3 NM (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) northwest of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

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Parking Rotterdam Airport Rotterdam Airport has about 2,500 parking spaces. There are parking lots for short-term parking and long term parking. The three car parks are situated on a short walk from the main terminal building.

Short Term Parking Rotterdam Airport Car Park 2 is reserved primarily for short-term parking. It is located across from the main terminal facility, a short walking distance away. In short-term car parking are you can park your car for up to 15 hours.

P2 Parking Rotterdam Airport P2 is a great choice for business excursions. Rotterdam The Hague airport is renowned for the prospect of parking your car near the airport building. You can leave your car safely in front of the airport building at P2 in one of the airport's authorized parking spaces. It is ideal if you're on a business trip or want to taste extra comfort while on holiday in the city. At P2, you can also charge your electric cars as several electric cars charging spaces are available. You can also make a parking space booking of up to 3 hours before departure online. For parking, at P2, you can book your parking space online easily. You can park your car in the P2 parking area for 4 EUR/per hour and 45 EUR/ per day.

Long term Parking Rotterdam Airport Parking lots 1 and 3 are explicitly built for long-term parking. Car Park 1 is situated near the petrol station, on the left side of the approach road to the airport facility. While the Car Park 3 is positioned next to Car Park 2, across the main terminal building and to the west. You can park your car in the long term parking area for more than 15 hours.

P1 + P3 Parking Rotterdam Airport Parking P1 or P3 is the best choice if you are going on vacation with your friends and family. These parking lots are both within the same walking distance from the airport building and are officially part of Rotterdam The Hague Airport parking lots. Through license plate recognition or using your credit card, you can enter and exit those parking spaces easily and quickly. You can also book your parking space quickly and easily via the official reservation system for the Rotterdam The Hague airport. Moreover, you can reserve a car for the park for up to 3 hours before departure. You can park your car in parking area P1 and P3 for 4 EUR/ per hour and 35 EUR/per day

Budget Parking Rotterdam Airport P10 is an inexpensive alternative. You can park your car at one of Rotterdam The Hague Airport's official parking areas, starting at € 4 per day. The place is farther than the other parking spaces from the terminal rendering it more affordable. You will have to travel to the airport building in around 8 to 10 minutes from the parking area. Moreover, you can only use P10 if you book in advance. The earlier you book the parking spaces at p10, the greater your chance of securing a very affordable car park on P10. Travelers can book your parking space quickly and easily via the official reservation system for the Rotterdam The Hague airport. You can make a parking space for booking for up to 3 hours before departure. Even though it has a low price, P10 Parking Rotterdam Airport is designed with the same modern amenities as all other Rotterdam The Hague Airport car parking areas. For instance, recognition of a license plate system can be found in the P10 parking areas like all the other parking lots.

P6 Parking Rotterdam Airport P6 is a great choice for parking your car. You can park your car in one of Rotterdam The Hague Airport's official parking areas, near the terminal. Moreover, you may enter the P6 parking lot easily using license plate recognition or your credit card. The P6 is very close to the terminals that you'll be in the airport building just minutes after you've parked your vehicle. Nonetheless, you can easily book your car park space for the p6 parking lot online. You can make a car park booking up to 3 hours before departure. You can park your car at the P10 parking area for 4 EUR/ per hour and 40 EUR/per day.

Parking for Disabled You can find the disabled parking spaces in Car Park 2, located directly in front of the main terminal. Passengers with disabilities are entitled to a discounted long-term rate upon presentation of a disability passport and a plane ticket.

There are a few services provided at Parking Rotterdam Airport. Find below: Electric Car Charging Spots: You can charge your electric cars at the Parking of The Hague Airport. There are multiple spaces available at the Rotterdam Airport Parking P2.

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