Winter-Fair Ahoy Rotterdam

Ahoyweg, Rotterdam

Parking (P+R) at Winter-Fair Ahoy Rotterdam

Parking (P+R) at Winter-Fair Ahoy Rotterdam

In the month of December, it is again time for Winter-Fair Rotterdam and that means visits from Santa, the latest winter gadgets and inspiration for Christmas dinner. For five days, Rotterdam's Ahoy will be immersed in the Christmas atmosphere and transformed into a winter wonderland. From snowman to winter fashion, from workshops to live performances.

General information parking Winter-Fair Ahoy Rotterdam Top pressure and high prices: on event days, Ahoy is surrounded by incoming and outgoing city traffic and Ahoy's own visitors, which makes Ahoy difficult to reach. It can take forever to finally be able to park your car on the Ahoy grounds or find a free parking space nearby. Fortunately, there is another, more efficient and economical option. Park at a so-called MOBIHUB of MOBIAN. At easily accessible locations in Rotterdam, you will find numerous smart hubs where you can park your car inexpensively. The parking spaces can always be booked online in advance so you are assured of a parking space. Choose a green last-mile solution to continue your way to the Winter Fair and arrive at your destination simply, quickly and inexpensively. This way you avoid the crowds and save valuable time for your visit to the city or the Winter Fair in Ahoy Rotterdam.

Parking at MOBIHUBS near Winter-Fair Ahoy Rotterdam MOBIAN has several MOBIHUBS in Rotterdam where you can park and choose from various last-mile mobility solutions. Park at MOBIHUB | P+R - Slinghe and reach Rotterdam Ahoy by bike in just under 10 minutes. Do you park at a MOBIHUB and rent a MOBIBIKE? Then the parking itself is free! Or choose MOBIHUB | P+R - Maastoren and get on either a bike or the metro here to arrive at your destination within 15 minutes. Book your spot and last-mile mobility in advance and easily navigate to the MOBIHUB. Parking at a MOBIHUB keeps Rotterdam accessible and is the fastest way to get to your destination. Check the map below for the full range of MOBIHUBS and choose which MOBIHUB is most convenient for you.

Parking around Winter-Fair Ahoy Rotterdam