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Parking (P+R) at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, known commonly as Schiphol Airport, is the Netherlands' largest international airport. It is at the municipality of Haarlemmermeer in North Holland, 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) southwest of Amsterdam. It is Europe's third-most busy airport in regards to passenger volume. The construction of the airport is a single-terminal idea: one large terminal divided into three major departure halls.

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Short Term Parking Amsterdam Schiphol P1 Short-term Parking is perfect if you are looking forward to taking a short trip. You can park your car for a maximum of 48 hours at P1. Note that the parking charge will increase by € 100 per day if you stay at P1 for more than two days

Short-Stop Parking Amsterdam Schiphol You may park the car for up to 15 minutes in the Short-Stop Parking area, and the first 15 minutes are free here.

Long Term Parking Amsterdam Schiphol At P3 Long-term Parking, you can park your car in several spots. You can park in the car park building or the parking lot. Parking in the car park building would enable your vehicles to stay dry; parking in the car park is cheaper, though. P3 offers a free express bus that leaves every 10 minutes, requiring 5 minutes to travel to and from the terminal. The bus runs 24 hours a day; it doesn't matter how many people are traveling.

P1 Holiday Parking Amsterdam Schiphol Holiday Parking is available for travelers who want to park their cars in P1 for more extended periods. Usually, you can only book the car parks for up to 48 hours, but with an exclusive reservation for P1 Holiday Parking, you can park for more than 48 hours. You need to reserve the car park online to use P1 Holiday Parking. The amount you need to pay depends on the length of time you want to park your car in the lot. By chance you come back later than planned, you'll need to pay for the extra costs.

P4 Parking Amsterdam Schiphol P4 is one of the most inexpensive parking spaces. It is within proximity to the motorway. However, it could be a little difficult to find a parking space in this area and has to be reserved beforehand. P4 provides somewhat secure parking prices. It costs much less than other car parks, and you can avail only fewer services here than you might find in any other car park at Schipol.

P6 Valet Parking Amsterdam Schiphol Drive up to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's P6 garage, park your car and leave in your car keys at the P6 Valet Parking desk. You will then have to walk to the check-in desk and have your vehicle listed. When you start your journey, the management will park your car in the open-air car park at Schiphol. Once you arrive, your car will be ready in the P6 parking garage, so you can take your keys from the desk and drive away wherever you want. To park at P6 Valet Parking, you will need to book a parking space online.

Essential Parking It is the best place to park your car if you plan to stay longer than three days. However, you will have to park your car for a minimum of 5 days. It is situated in the P4 parking area, right next to the Departure and Arrival Area. It is connected to the terminal by shuttle buses, which will take the traveler to the airport in no more than 5 minutes. The charge may vary depending on when the car is parked in the parking area, season and ability, but if you leave your car for more than the specified period, you will have to pay extra charges of EUR 10.

Excellence Parking It is an indoor parking area and is suitable for dropping off the vehicle during work or other long-term journeys. The committed car park personnel will manage your car and keep it safe, whenever needed. It is the closest car parking to the terminals between Departure Halls 2 and 3 and offers XXL-sized parking space (each 3 meters wide). The rate is € 2.50 per 12 minutes, with a total cost of € 43.50 per day and € 33.50 per day after four days.

Parking Amsterdam Schiphol For People with Disabilities. Anyone with limited mobility can park in both the parking lot and car park. Easily Accessible car spaces are situated right after the car park entrance on the left and right after the car park entry. The use of these car parks is free of additional charges. Only ensure your handicap identification is visible behind the windscreen when you leave your car parked.

Electric Vehicle Charge Points: Most of the Schipol Airport car park areas have electric car charging stations. You can't reserve these areas, but you can use them if a charging point is open. The rate of consumption to charge the car is € 0.36 per kWh with a starting rate of € 1.21.

You can find car charging points at: P1 short term parking P3 long term garage parking P6 velvet parking Terminal valet parking Privium excellence parking Privium parking in P1

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