Treviso Airport

Via Noalese, Treviso

Parking (P+R) at Treviso Airport

Treviso Airport is almost 20 km or 12 miles north of Venice and 3 km or 1.8 miles west of Treviso. While Venice Marco Polo Airport is far more extensive, with more connections, travelers also prefer the quieter facilities of Treviso Airport. It is also well fitted with a range of services, and a host of large airline companies fly at the airport. Treviso car parking is accessible for travelers entering by private vehicle, and there are a few parking areas to pick from. Treviso Airport parking areas are titled A, B, C, and D.

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Short term parking Treviso Airport parking A is best used for short-stay stays only and is located directly in front of the terminal building. There are fifty parking places open, some of which are ideal for usage by people with disabilities. Specially designated parking areas are meant for usage only by people with restricted mobility because they are in the most accessible location for entry to the terminal. A call point is also near the area, from where you can call the airport staff to assist. Parking for people with disabilities is free of charge.

The preceding fares apply to other motorists: €3.00 for one hour, €6.00 for two hours, €9.00 for three hours and €18.00 for up to twenty-four hours. €36.00 for two days, €44.00 for three days, €52.00 for four days, €60.00 for five days and €76.00 for one week of the car park.

Long term There are multiple car parking options available at the airport. Read below to find some:

Car park B Treviso Airport Car Park B is also in front of the terminal, with 170 parking open. It's called a long-term parking area, but it's also very costly. It's only used for quick to moderate parking stays. The very first ten minutes are free at Car Park B, while the first hour costs €3.00, the second hour at €6.00 and the third hour at €9.00. Twenty-four hours would cost € 13.00 in this parking area. The parking week would cost €63.00, and up to 12 days would cost €103.00. It will cost an extra €6.00 for every day of parking afterward.

Car park C Car Park C, at Treviso Airport, is roughly 200 meters from the terminal building and is another long-stay parking lot. It's the farthest city park from the airport, though also within easy reach. It's the cheapest parking lot accessible, so it's perfect for extended journeys. The first ten minutes are free, and the following rates apply one day – €6.50, two days – €13.00, three days – €19.50, four days – €26.00, five days – €32.50, six days – €39.00, seven days – €45.50, eight days – €52.00, nine days – €58.50 and ten days – €65.00. After 12 days of parking (which would cost €78.00), an extra €7.50 may be paid. There are about 155 spaces available here.

Car park D Treviso Airport parking lot D is best for long term stays and has 143 spaces available. It is situated roughly 150 meters from the airport terminal gate. It's a little more expensive than Car Park D, but still more affordable than Car Parks A and B. The day will cost €7.50; three days will cost €22.50; six days will cost €45.00; nine days will cost €76.50, and twelve days of parking will cost €90.00. Every day after that, there is a charge of €7.50. The first 10 minutes are free of charge. Car parks B, C, and D are also designated for elderly passengers.

Disabled parking: There are many disabled parking options available at the airport. You can contact the customer service at the airport for more information.

Services: The following service can be availed at the airport: Car wash

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