Easy Park HZ

, Frankfurt am Main

Parking at Easy Park HZ gives you:

  • Indoor Indoor
  • Guarded 24/7 Guarded 24/7
  • Security Cameras Security Cameras
  • Call 30min Upfront Call 30min Upfront

About Easy Park HZ

The premises of Easy Park HZ in Frankfurt are fenced and monitored with cameras. There is 24/7 staff present on the premises. Drivers are insured while driving your car according to the general terms and conditions of Easy Park HZ. Please note at the parking garage : the maximum entrance height is 2.10m. Our parking facility is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is under constant surveillance by cameras. This allows you to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

Valet Parking

On the day of departure, you drive directly to the departure hall of the airport. Check the number and time you need to call in advance on the voucher. A driver will wait for you at the agreed place and take over the car. When you return, call again and the car will be returned to the airport.

Parking around Easy Park HZ