Flughafen Dresden P2 Außenparkplatz

Flughafenstraße , Dresden

Parking at Flughafen Dresden P2 Außenparkplatz gives you:

  • Key conservation Key conservation
  • Hardened terrain Hardened terrain
  • check Official airport parking
  • Outdoor Outdoor

About Flughafen Dresden P2 Außenparkplatz

It couldn't be quicker: the car park is directly at the airport and the terminal is within walking distance. Simply park your car at P2 and walk to the airport in approx. 4 minutes.

Charging facility for electric vehicles Parking at the charging station is only permitted during the charging process. Reservations are not possible. The charging station is located in the coach parking area. Please follow the signs 'PKW Vorfahrt, IMA Dresden'. - 1x Combo Type2 (CSS) EU plug up to 25kW & Type2 plug 11kW

Please plan to charge your vehicle before arrival or departure.

Security Illuminated, gated, with fixed quality standards.

Car size Max. Height: unlimited; Max. width: unlimited; Max. length: 5.10m;

Park & Walk

On the day of departure, drive to the parking lot and park the car. After that, you can walk to the desired location within minutes. When you return, you can easily walk back to the parking lot where your car is parked.

Parking around Flughafen Dresden P2 Außenparkplatz