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Worry-free travel to the airport

Choosing MOBIAN means choosing a worry-free journey to your airport. Book in advance a guaranteed parking space including transfer to taxi, shuttle or public transport on your way to the departure hall. Or do you prefer the comfort of valet parking? Whatever you choose, MOBIAN guarantees you a seamless trip before the start of your flight.


Want to be sure of a parking space? Make a reservation! Find your spot online or download and use the MOBIAN app. Enter your (international) airport, discover the possibilities and determine your ideal route to the departure hall.

Everything in one place

Receive, check and manage your reservations in one overview. After making a reservation, you will receive confirmation in the MOBIAN app, including vouchers with instructions for each service. No app? Then check your mailbox.

On location

Chosen a transfer? Navigate to the parking location. Chosen valet service? Then navigate to the agreed departure hall for car handover. Have a good trip!


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Parking at Frankfurt Valet Service

Valet Parking at Frankfurt Airport with Frankfurt Valet Service

Enjoy Hassle-Free Travel with Our Premium Valet Parking at Frankfurt Airport


Experience ultimate convenience with Frankfurt Valet Service. Hand over your car to a professional Meet & Greet team right at Frankfurt Airport and fly off on your vacation with peace of mind. Your vehicle will be parked in a secure, uncovered car park just 8 km from the airport. The car park is fully enclosed, asphalted, gated, and monitored by CCTV. Upon your return, your car will be brought back to you at the terminal, allowing for a swift and stress-free departure from the airport. Enhance your experience with optional car wash and service packages available on site.

Why Choose Frankfurt Valet Service?

  • Competitive Prices: Affordable rates for a reliable Meet & Greet service. - Direct Terminal Service: Hand over and retrieve your car directly at Frankfurt Airport. - Secure Parking: Enclosed and secured car park located only 8 km from the airport, gated and equipped with surveillance cameras. - Accessibility: Ideal for disabled travelers, eliminating the need for long walks or shuttle bus rides.

#### Essentials

  • Operating Hours: Daily from 05:00 AM to 00:00 AM (Midnight) - Convenience: No transfer required, drop off directly at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 - Security: Your keys will stay with us while you're away

#### Additional Information

  • Booking Confirmation: Remember to bring your booking confirmation on the day you travel.

Frankfurt Valet Service ensures a secure and relaxing parking experience at Frankfurt Airport. By handing over your vehicle directly at Terminal 1 or 2, you can start your journey without stress.

How It Works

Departure: 1. Drive to the Terminal: On the day of your trip, drive to the departure hall of Frankfurt Airport. 2. Vehicle Check: A service employee will meet you and perform a vehicle check. 3. Stress-Free Check-In: Proceed to check-in and travel without worries as we safely park your car until your return.

Return: 1. Pick-Up at Terminal: Upon your return, your car will be brought back to the terminal. Optionally, you can request a car wash.

Choose Frankfurt Valet Service for a convenient, secure, and stress-free parking solution at Frankfurt Airport. Book now and enjoy your travel with peace of mind!