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Zuiderzeeweg 6, Amsterdam

Rental bikes at MOBIBIKE | Nautix Zeeburg gives you:

  • Mobile app needed Mobile app needed
  • check Reserve a free parking space
  • Only adult bikes available Only adult bikes available
  • Open 24/7 Open 24/7

About MOBIBIKE | Nautix Zeeburg

Exploring Amsterdam by bike: Once you've grabbed your bike at MOBIHUB Nautix Marina, a plethora of Amsterdam's iconic attractions and hidden gems await your discovery. As you cycle through the streets of Amsterdam from Nautix Marina, you will not only experience the city like a local but also enjoy the freedom and flexibility that cycling offers. So park your car at MOBIHUB Nautix and experience the fascinating beauty of Amsterdam by bike at your own pace.

With a MOBIBIKE you can rent a bicycle at an affordable price. These bicycles are parked on our MOBIHUB. This is a place where you can park your car for free when you book a bicycle directly. You can book the parking spot and bicycle separately, but you can also rent a parking space in combination with a bicycle, and get a discount on your parking spot.

The bikes are adult-size city bikes. You can easily open the lock via an app on your phone, so there is no hassle with keys.

City bike

This bike is an adult sized city bike. It has a lock, whichs opens with an app, light, breaks and straps.

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