MOBIHUB | P+R - Van Stolkpark

Van Stolkweg 1, Den Haag

Parking at MOBIHUB | P+R - Van Stolkpark gives you:

  • Bicycle (s) to be booked Bicycle (s) to be booked
  • Mobile app needed Mobile app needed
  • Outdoor Outdoor
  • Open 24/7 Open 24/7
  • Hardened terrain Hardened terrain
  • Enclosed terrain Enclosed terrain
  • Security Cameras Security Cameras

About MOBIHUB | P+R - Van Stolkpark

North of The Hague city centre - in the Scheveningen district - you'll find MOBIHUB | P+R - Van Stolkpark. The name says it all: parking at this Hague hub means parking at the edge of the Van Stolkpark. A beautiful, old villa park that counts as a protected cityscape in The Hague. This lively neighbourhood is characterised by beautiful villas, living space and lots of greenery. It is a good base for visiting The Hague or Scheveningen beach.

MOBIHUB | P+R - Van Stolkpark is the ideal parking location for motorists coming from the north-east, conveniently located directly on the S200. The P+R location is in the car park of the Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag and is equipped with our shared bicycles. Just under 15 minutes' cycling takes you to The Hague city centre and within 10 minutes you can reach Scheveningen beach. You can also easily switch to the HTM network bus or tram here. You will find several bus/tram stops within walking distance.

How does MOBIHUB | P+R - Van Stolkpark work?

On our MOBIHUBS you can book a parking space including a bicycle or public transport ticket in advance. On the day of booking, navigate to the address of the MOBIHUB. Upon arrival at MOBIHUB | P+R - Van Stolkpark, open the barrier by pressing one button in the MOBIAN app. Park the car in one of the available parking spaces. A bicycle reservation? Walk to the MOBIAN bikes and keep the app handy. Choose a bike and open the bike lock using the app. By public transport? Walk to the nearest tram or bus stop and open your purchased HTM ticket in the app. Scan your ticket in the bus or tram and continue your trip to your final destination.

P+R Membership

Do you enjoy using our P+R on a regular basis? How about a beneficial membership! A smart, easy-to-use and affordable membership for a fixed monthly fee, including attractive extra’s. The ideal option for your trip home or to work. Discover our personal- and our company memberships here.


This is an official MOBIHUB location. Add a bike to your reservation and your parking is free.

Parking around MOBIHUB | P+R - Van Stolkpark