Parken und Fliegen - Zürich

Bülacherstrasse 8, Hochfelden

Parking at Parken und Fliegen - Zürich gives you:

  • Call 30min Upfront Call 30min Upfront

About Parken und Fliegen - Zürich

Uncovered car park with attractive prices, located only 13 km from Zurich International Airport.

Your vehicle will be safe in your absence as a watchman is present 24 hours a day. In addition this car park is totally fenced, lit and monitored by CCTV.

Another plus point: the ground is asphalted which means that your vehicle will not get dirty with mud.

The transfer to and from the Zurich Airport is free of charge and takes exactly 8 minutes. You will not have to wait since the minibus goes on demand.

Open 7/7 from 03:00am to 00:00am (= Midnight). Please note that you must leave your car keys at the car park.

Parking including shared shuttle

On the day of departure, you drive straight to the parking lot. Please report on the provider's desk and you will be transferred by shared shuttle bus to your final destination. Upon return, you contact the carrier by telephone, after which you will be transferred back to the parking lot.

Parking around Parken und Fliegen - Zürich