Parking Pedrocar - Just Park (ECO) - Covered - Malaga

Avenida del Comandante García Morato 50, Málaga

Parking at Parking Pedrocar - Just Park (ECO) - Covered - Malaga gives you:

  • Opened from 04:00 - 00:00h Opened from 04:00 - 00:00h
  • Hand in the key Hand in the key
  • Indoor Indoor
  • Security Cameras Security Cameras
  • check Walking distance

About Parking Pedrocar - Just Park (ECO) - Covered - Malaga

Parking Pedrocar is a local family run company, with the simple objective being to provide the best service at the lowest possible price. For this reason you will find an unbeatable low price not available anywhere else. This led them to create this new just park - onsite product, where you can park and take a short 5-minute walk to the terminal. No transfers and no pick-ups needed. It is simple: book in advance to ensure one of the (limited amount) places available, park, and walk to the terminal. There is a pedestrian overpass, just 100 m from the car park's reception, that will lead you straight to the departures terminal.

All vehicles parked in the car park are insured against theft, fire, and structural damage, through a civil liability policy contracted by the car park.

Park & Walk

On the day of departure, drive to the parking lot and park the car. After that, you can walk to the desired location within minutes. When you return, you can easily walk back to the parking lot where your car is parked.

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